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Language Policy

At Izmir Bakircay University, the language of instruction is Turkish in all of the departments except the Management Information Systems (MIS) department at the School of Economics and Administrative Studies. Hence, only the MIS students that are not proficient in English are required to enroll in the one year English program at the School of Foreign Languages. Once the students pass this program, they will be able to enroll in the first year of the MIS program. The students enrolled in programs with Turkish as the language of instruction are offered a mandatory English course in each semester of their freshman year. Moreover, students who wish to participate in the mobility program will be offered an English course which will be provided with institutional support prior to their mobility.

Students who want to participate in Erasmus mobility will take an English test conducted by the School of Foreign Languages. The students that pass this exam will be able to apply for Erasmus mobility.

Izmir Bakircay University will offer a Turkish  language course to incoming students and staff  during their length of stay. ECTS credits will be awarded upon successful completion of this course.


All the students who participate in exchange programs or study abroad by an inter-institutional protocol are accepted by Izmir Bakircay University without exception based on the compatibility of their course grades and credits.  Outgoing students of our university are required to submit a Learning Agreement previously approved by their Departmental Coordinator and the Coordinator of International Relations and Exchange Programs. The Learning Agreement that lists the courses and their compatibility must be previously approved by the administrative board of the related unit.

Following their return, the exchange students’ course(s) taken at the host university are transferred into the relevant semester on our system considering the grading scale sent by the host institution